Benefits of WTP

The only bit to win an Australian International Award.
There are 24 designs, 6inch (15cm) to 4inches (10cm). Protected by international patents.

Why it works

EP = Extended Plate

Amazing for any breathing problems and the only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

Loose Ring EP

  • Prevents the tongue over the bit and soft palate displacement
  • The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips

NP = Normal Plate

Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering! Riders say it’s the best bit in the world – the bit of the future!


  • Joint and arms do not hinge downward thereby preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars
  • 11mm low profile gear casing prevents roof rubbing.
  • The flat plate prevents bit pinching and reduces pit pressure by 85%

Benefits of the WTP Bit

  • Stops the bit pinching the tongue
  • Stops the tongue getting over the bit
  • Stops roof rubbing, lip pinching and cheek pain
  • Stops the tongue hanging out of the month
  • Stops leaning on the bit, running through the bit
  • Stops headshaking, pulling and bolting

  • Stops the horse from leaning on one rein
  • Stops the pulling of the reins through your hands
  • Stops the horse hanging, rearing and bucking
  • Stops displacement of the soft palate
  • Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise
  • Better oxygen supply, therefore better speed

  • Proven to prevent lung bleeding (ELPH)
  • Proven to improve performance
  • Better shoulder and hindquarter movement
  • Stops bit chewing and grinding
  • Amazing soft and responsive bit contact resulting in a smooth, flowing, WINNING action

Bit Pinching is a major problem and painful

The arrow shows how the bit depresses onto the tongue the point is driven into the horses tongue thereby pinching sometimes to the point of cutting it. To avoid the tongue pain the horse tries to put it elsewhere over the bit or out the side of the mouth.

Bit pinching causes pain to other facial nerves

Bit pinching may cause pain signals to spread to any other branch of the same facial nerve, resulting in pain in areas of the face that have no direct contact with the bit resulting in head shaking, pulling, rearing, bucking, mouth opening and poor performance.

Tongue ties cause damage

These restraints cause pain and for the horse to fight them and perform dismally. Champion trainers and riders have found since replacing tongue ties with the WTP Bit that the results have been totally amazing.

WTP Bit prevents roof rubbing

The 200 x-rays show many horses have a low roof. Snaffle bit centre joints can be 25mm high whereas the WTP bit flat plate joint is only 11mm allowing 14mm more bit room to prevent roof rubbing.

WTP Bit – How it works

Human tongues are attached to the bottom of the mouth the same as a horse. Try the WTP test, lay two fingers flat on your tongue. You can’t roll your tongue up or back, neither can the horse. This simply prevents the horse getting the tongue back and over the bit. Snaffle bits have an interlinked joint that causes the bit to lift up at low contact causing roof rubbing, which is very painful. Yet, at strong contact, the bit arms fold down causing joint pinching of the tongue. Whereas the WTP award winning design stops the arms folding and the joint is enclosed with a flat cover to protect the tongue. The WTP joint does not lift up and is 14mm lower than other bits solving the many problems listed.

Snaffle Bits cause roof rubbing and bit pinching

The snaffle bit arms fold downwards causing the joint to rise at low contact rubbing the roof of the mouth causing pain, bleeding and hanging. The 1cm² direct contact surface area of a snaffle bit creates ups to 300kg of pressure pinching the tongue down two centimetres. Whereas the WTP Bit enclosed joint and flat design prevents the arms folding down and the 6.5cm² flat plate creates a much larger surface area of contact reducing the contact pressure to 15.4kg. Therefore reducing the bit pressure by about 85%.

WTP Bit can help prevent bleeding in horses

Many horses, including dressage horses suffer from bleeding in the lungs. Horses that get their tongue over the bit roll or bulge their tongue back or displacing of the soft palate can cause breathing restrictions and therefore, pressure on the lungs. The WTP Bit has proven to prevent these problems. (EIPH) exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage. View impressive testimonials and try the Winning Tongue Plate bit.

The Bit arm design prevents pressure

Pressure to the cheek is only required for turning. The limited travel of the arms prevents unnecessary cheek pressure when working in a straight line.

How to clean and fit the bit

Use toothpaste and toothbrush or rinse after use. Allow 1-2 wrinkles at the edge of the mouth and allow several days to adjust to the extended plate. You can also add a crossover nose band if necessary.

Tongue ties don’t stop soft palate displacement

Veterinary expert opinions confirm tongue-ties are ineffective (Equnie Vet J Suppl2002 Sep;(34):430-3). Horses can fight the tongue tie and the red line shows the tongue pulled right back past the black dotted line, the correct position of the tongue. Therefore, pushing the soft palate up and displacing it causing airway obstruction and poor performance.

Tongue ties don't stop soft palate displacement

Horses inhale 37 litres of oxygen per second

Horses have to inhale exhale an incredible rate of 10 gallons/37 litres of oxygen per second. Even a small obstruction of airflow can have disastrous results.

WTP Bit stops displacement of the soft palate

Vets, trainers and riders have reported that the WTP definitely stops displacement as it sits back on the tongue and keeps the horses tongue down in a forward position. The diagram below shows the soft palate held in place allowing correct air flow.

WTP Bit stops displacement of the soft palate

Vet Research 40% of horses displace the soft palate

The results from veterinary testing of horses during ridden exercise confirmed up to 40% of horses encounter this serious problem. If a bit pinches the tongue the horse will pull it back to avoid the pain and the root of the tongue then pushes back and up against the soft palate displacing it causing airway obstruction and poor performance.

Diagram below shows dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP)

Horse dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP)

Prevention could save you millions of dollars

Million dollar races and major horse events have been lost due to the problems mentioned. Don’t risk it, take the preventative measure and use a WTP Bit. Trainers and riders have stated it has improved some horses performance by up to 25 lengths or more.

WTP Normal Plate

Leading horse breakers and riders state the normal plate is like having power steering and revolutionary for breaking in horses and fixing many problems horses. Try WTP power steering, you will be amazed.