Our Top 5 Winter Winners

Winter Winner - Kask Winter Liner

Winter Winners

Heading into winter is never the highlight of any equestrians year. Daylight hours get shorter, our horses begin to moult, not to mention the mud that starts to hang around!

Last weekend I was at the Bates Dressage Nationals in Taupō and we hit -2 over night and we’re still a month away from the three day!

So to help you through this difficult time, I’ve compiled a list of a few items we think will help to make your winter a little more bearable. Here are our winter winners!

Winter Winner number 1 – Parlanti Hydro Ankle Boots

These ankle boots will become your new best friend. With Michelin soles they feel like a sneaker to wear while keeping your toes nice and dry and toasty!

Made from buffalo leather, these boots are hardy compared to your traditional calf skin boot and great for throwing on a pair of chaps and getting in the saddle. (Bonus tip for staying extra warm, check out our full chaps from Parlanti)

The Hydro boots have a second thermal lining of water proof fabric that sits behind the zip to prevent water sneaking in.

With plenty of support, they’re a great alternative if you find yourself with sore hips and knees after a day of trudging around in a pair of gumboots.

Warm, water proof and breathable, we think the Hydro boots from Parlanti a real winter winner!

Please note in the Hydro you drop down a foot size to what you would normally wear.

Handy hint – Pair these boots with winter winner number 3 to make them last even longer!

Want to find out more? Click here

Parlanti Hydro Boot

The perfect winter riding boot

Winter Winner Number 2 – MacWet Climatic Long Cuff Gloves

There is nothing worse than trying to hold on to your reins in lashing rain on the hunt field or when you’re jumping your round and your horses sweat makes your reins super slippery.

This is where the MacWet gloves are unbeatable and make them one of our winter winners. Their Aquatec fabric ensures you have an “all grip, no slip” hold for even the most wet conditions.

All of the MacWet gloves have the Aquatec fabric, but for winter we love the Climatic Long Cuff gloves which are fleece lined to give you more warm while also being wind and rain resistant.

Although we use them for horse riding, these gloves provide great grip which is crucial in a variety of activities, including golf, water sports, shooting, fishing, cycling, paragliding and much much more. 

Want to learn how to choose the right size for you? Here is a quick tutorial.

If you would like to learn more about MacWet Gloves or purchase a pair you can do so here.

Winter Winner Number 3 – Collinil Carbon Pro

This can of goodness is a sprayable membrane which is able to water proof while allowing your products to remain breathable.

Carbon Pro is suitable for a range of fabrics, textiles and leather including shoes, function jackets, handbags and backpacks. But most importantly it can protect against moisture and dirt making it perfect for your riding boots.

When used regularly, the spray significantly lengthens the lifespan of any treated product, we recommend reapplying after every couple of rides.

Learn more about the Collinol Carbon Pro winter winner here

Winter Winner Number 4 – Cavalor Dry Feet

Stinky hooves caused by thrush, are a common find during the winter months when horses are unable to get out of their damp homes whether that be a paddock or a stable.

Cavalor® Dry Feet is a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics which help to provide the sole and frog with good, protective microflora for an active boost of the immunity for the hoof.

It contains good bacteria (probiotics) and inulin (prebiotics). Inulin promotes the activity of the probiotics in the product as well as the good micro-organisms already present on the hoof. These colonise the entire surface of the hoof, actively displacing the risk for thrush while drying out your horse’s hooves.

If your horse has a case of the stinks you can help them out with this winter winner.

Winter Winner Number 5 – Kask Winter Helmet Liners

Kask winter liners have arrived at Oakridge Equestrian and will help keep your ears warm while battling the weather!

Simply remove your current helmet liner (yes it does remove!) and clip in your winter liner and you’ll be away laughing.

We also recommend taking a moment to wash your summer liner so it’s ready to go when the season arrives.

Made from New Zealand Merino wool, these liners have solved the problem of trying to fit a headband ear warmer under your helmet.

Quantities are limited so please get in touch if you would like to order one and please note that there are two different winter liners depending on which model of Kask helmet you have.

Bonus Winter Winner – Weatherbeeta Raincoat

An extra one for our list!

Although this is not an item we stock at Oakridge Equestrian, I’m always on the hunt for a great raincoat! I tend to be a collector of jackets and have a lovely blue one from Horse Pilot and another one which is great for coaching in from Brave Pants.

However I decided I needed one that permanently stayed in my truck “Fat Amy” as I continuously forget to pack one. There is nothing worse than trying to pack up at the end of a show and getting drench for the drive home.

After hunting for one for a while I was recommend a Weatherbeeta raincoat from the lovely ladies at Taupō Equestrian Supplies. When they told me that they spend all day hunting in them and stay dry, I thought this was the jacket for me and I haven’t been disappointed!

If you’re in search of a great jacket that comes down to about mid thigh then this is the jacket for you too! And no matter the weather, keep smiling!

Winter Winners

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