Tony SotoRacehorse Trainer

Horses that were displacing now they are happy and not displacing. I had two winners on the same day 17/1 and 37/1 who had been displacing before using your bit Big big difference. I’ve been waiting for a bit like this forever, very comfortable and No tongue tie!

The bit is set and steady without anything pinching. They now enjoy running and run to their full ability. The horse balances with the mouth, so if a horse has something good in the mouth, it’s going to keep a good balance and a good balance with a horse is going to keep it running better. I am also using the normal plate bit on horses to prevent displacing and the horses and riders love it.

Thanks for a wonderful bit I have since purchased more.


Rochelle Holah

Wonderful service, fast response, fast repair – Many thanks.

Tegan FitzsimonShow jumper NZ

I can’t say enough about WTP bits! Highly recommended.

I have been using them for a few seasons now and have had much success with the wide selection available on all sorts of horses!!

Kelly Stevens

Love my Parlanti boots. Zeph makes trying and buying a great experience from start to finish!

Jess Bentley-Jones

Zephania has fitted me a beautiful Kask helmet and pair of Parlanti boots. Both super comfortable and high quality items.
Her service was easy, informative and fast.
I will continue to shop at Oakridge many years to come.
Thankyou for providing amazing products in NZ!

Jax Flintoff

Absolutely incredible customer service! Zephania was really easy to contact at all times and communication was impeccable. Products and product knowledge are amazing!
I already know what I’ll be buying from Oakridge Next!!

Trishavis Fedrick

I am extremely happy with your bit. The horses have settled no leaning on the bit and are working 100% happier in your bit. As a Farrier I have been recommending that my clients give your bit a try.

100% happy.

Kind regards

An update on the WTP Bit. Rode Navarr last night and what an amazing difference. For the first time I could put my stick down that I use to steer him and I had perfect control and steering. Normally if I don’t have it even just to hold and not use, instantly I have no control, cant steer, can’t stop, just nothing. Last night, I put it down to try and he was amazing. Im so thrilled and excited. He was up for sale as I could not control him, but now im seriously considering keeping him. Nav tested the boundaries of the bit yesterday, he was preparing for the famous shy/bolt at nothing because that is a tactic that has worked in the past, but with a touch of the reign he gave up the idea instantly and worked like a dream.

Darren, JFairweather Harness

The WTP bits are truly an incredible invention, its design and function is a work of art it is a miracle bit without question. He walked calmly onto the track truly amazing as previously he would be looking to take off on me.

Also for the first time I was able to hold him to the very top of the track all the way around where beforehand he would be looking to run down on the turns. The bit made him so settled and I was able to rate him perfectly and he was happy to walk off the track as opposed to looking to still run.

Upon coming back to the rail I noticed his great recovery evident of lower relaxed heart rate. I’m so pleased to know that if my horse is locked up for a run he’s not going to choke down. I would have to say I would not care to use any other style of bit for driving/steering/rating and control of a horse..

I will be putting in an order to purchase more WTP bits for all of my team.

Jeff MullinsCalifornia Racehorse Trainer

I recently purchased 5 WTP bits in May, and after the amazing results I have just purchased more. We tried it on our horse Wilkinson who had not won for 12 months. We took the tongue tie off and used the WTP ring bit extended plate, and he won easy. We also had another horse that would take of and was hard to control and was displacing. In his first race with the WTP bit, he settled and won by three lengths running a mile on the grass in 1.33, we were totally amazed.

Since using these bits we have now done away with the tongue tie. I highly recommend these bits, they are revolutionary.