Bit Pressure Comparisons


  • The first x-ray of a loose ring snaffle shows with light contact the joint of the snaffle lifts to the roof of the mouth.
  • The second x-ray busts the myth and idea that a French link is mild; note the depression of the tongue.
  • The third x-ray shows how much pressure there is on the tongue 100kg.
  • The fourth x-ray shows the (WTP) Winning Tongue Plate bit.
The x-ray photos show the difference in pressure from a normal bit compared to the (WTP) Winning Tongue Plate bit, which reduces the contact pressure to a horses’ tongue by about 85% and sits in a very good comfortable position over the horses’ tongue.

Because of the joint of a normal snaffle, the bit can also hit the roof of a horses’ mouth and because of a jointed snaffle the arms of the bit fold in a downward position resulting in extreme pressure on the horses’ tongue and the sensitive bars which can cause the bit to pinch and cause many other problems. The revolutionary design of the WTP Bit has proven to prevent these problems.

The fairly well known St. Petersburg study on bit pressure showed tremendous forces of the bit joint upon the tongue of the horse was, 100kg of pressure per one square cm as standard contact and 200kg of pressure at a jerk and a severe jerk on the horses’ mouth created 300kg of pressure. All the valid scientific experiments were carried out together with specialists and experts of the Forensic Medical Examination Office in St. Petersburg, and veterinarians.

Whereas the one square cm direct contact surface area of a snaffle bit created 100kg of pressure the WTP Bit design reduced the direct contact pressure due to the snaffle joint being fully enclosed. The enclosed section of the bit joint prevented the bit pinching. The enclosed section also created a much larger surface area of contact 6.5 square cm.. Therefore, the direct contact of the WTP bit was only 15.4kg of pressure, reducing the bit pressure on the tongue by about 85% per cent.

This has been supported by the comments from leading trainers and riders and their signed trial reports stating horses find the WTP Bit to be more comfortable than other bits and the horses cannot get their tongue over the WTP Bit plate thereby eliminating the use of tongue ties.

Other impressive comments and benefits mentioned in the reports were the WTP bit, stopped horses from pulling hard, stopped horses hanging, stopped horse rearing, stopped the horse head shaking, stopped displacement of the soft palate, improved the horses’ heart rate, improved their breathing, the horses were easier to control, the bit was well designed and revolutionary.

Based on the trial reports, comments and proven benefits the WTP bit design features have proven to overcome these difficulties, achieving a better and safer harmony between horse and rider