Cavalor Take It Easy Forte 60g Syringes

Cavalor Take It Easy Forte 60g Syringes


Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte, a soothing paste supplement with an extra-powerful effect for quick, effective results.
Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte reduces anxiety and the impact of stress factors while improving concentration.

 Key Features

  • Contains a blend of essential oils that aid in relaxation of the horse and support relaxed breathing and circulation and a decrease in anxiety
  • Ideal to support the horse through stressful situations such as travel and competitions
  • Contains L-Tryptophan and Vitamin B to speed up the production of serotonin – the natural anti-stress hormone
  • Can also be taken with Cavalor SoZen or Cavalor Calm to provide a multifaceted level of support for highly stressed horses

Horses that are scared or stressed aren’t themselves anymore.
Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte is a versatile approach to occasional stress.
It contains essential oils that have a soothing effect and, by supporting bodily functions such as breathing and circulation, also support general wellbeing.
Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte, like Cavalor® Take It Easy, also contains high doses of L-Tryptophan combined with B vitamins.
This ensures rapid and efficient production of serotonin, an anti-stress hormone produced by the body itself.
Take It Easy Forte paste is perfect for using right before high-stress events such as competitions and transport.

Recommended Use

There is no universal approach to horse stress because every horse reacts differently.

We recommend administering 1/3 of a syringe the evening before, 1/3 of a syringe the morning of and 1/3 of a syringe 1 hour before the stressful situation.
 Depending on the stressful event and the degree of stress associated with it, the dose can be adjusted from a minimum of 20g up to a maximum of 180g spread over a 24-hour period prior to the stressful event.

1 syringe = 60g.
Maximum of 3 syringes per day per horse.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
May be stored up to 1.5 years after the production date.

Administer with feed.

Cavalor supports the seeking of veterinary advice before use.

If used in performance or competition animals, the regulations of the relevant territorial authorities regarding use should be observed.

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before prolonged use.

Key Ingredients

Naturally effective: essential oils with a synergistic effect.
Unlike Cavalor® Take It Easy, Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte contains an extra blend of essential oils.

They each work in their own way to tackle the causes and consequences of stress (breathing, circulation, anxiety, etc.).
Every horse deals with stress differently. Combining individual oils makes powerful stress management possible, effective for a variety of different horses and situations.
Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte contains the following essential oils: Humulus Lupulus, Citrus Reticulata blanco, Cananga Odorata, Juniperus Mexicana and Vetiveria Zizanoides.

High dose of L-Tryptophan: tryptophan stimulates serotonin, an anti-stress hormone naturally
produced by the body.

Vitamin B1: facilitates the work of neurotransmitters, supports the adrenal glands and has a soothing effect. It also promotes L-Tryptophan uptake. The combination of vitamin B1 and tryptophan ensures that Cavalor® Take It Easy Forte can be given shortly before stressful situations.

Magnesium citrate: organic, easily absorbable source of magnesium. Magnesium has a soothing effect and helps muscles relax.


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