WTP Ring Bit with Brakes EP (Extended Plate)

WTP Ring Bit with Brakes EP (Extended Plate)



The WTP bit design prevent pinching of the tongue, roof rubbing and poor contact. The unique mouth piece reduces the bit pressure by unto 85% and with the arms having limited movement the pressure placed on the horse’s cheeks is also reduced.

The Ring Bit with Brakes EP has a small loop at the top of the main ring for the cheek piece to attach to as well as a small half loop within the larger ring for the reins to anchored into. When used together, these elements create pole pressure helping to slow the horse down.

The Ring Bit with Brakes EP is stronger than a traditional snaffle but not as strong as a universal gag. The ring attached to the bit helps to turn the horse and prevents the bit being pulled through the horse’s mouth.

The Extended Tongue Plate is an option instead of using a tongue tie for horses who continuously get their tongue over the bit, particularly in racing. It reduces the displacement of the soft palate and tongue and prevents the tongue hitting the epiglottis.

Fitting the Ring Bit with Brakes EP – Like regular bits, look for 1-2 wrinkles in the skin at the corner of the mouth with around 5mm either side of the mouth to prevent rubbing.

You may find that you need to lift the cheek pieces a hole or two compared to where a traditional snaffle would sit.The WTP logo should be facing the roof of the horses mouth.


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