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Used in all riding disciplines.

Introducing the WTP Dee Bit: a versatile choice for breaking, racing, and everyday horse riding. Crafted with straight bars, the Dee design facilitates smooth turns while minimising the risk of snagging, a common concern with Full Cheek bits.

It’s worth noting that the WTP Dee bit, while highly effective, is not permitted for dressage by the FEI due to their tongue coverage, which exceeds regulations. The French Link design faces similar restrictions.

What sets the WTP bit apart is its innovative design, engineered to address common issues such as tongue pinching, roof rubbing, and inconsistent contact.

With its unique mouthpiece, this bit reduces pressure by up to 85%, promoting comfort and communication between horse and rider. Additionally, the limited movement of its arms ensures less pressure on the horse’s cheeks.

Proper fitting is essential for optimal performance and horse comfort. Aim for 1-2 wrinkles in the skin at the corner of the mouth, with approximately 5mm of space on either side to prevent rubbing.

Ensure the WTP logo faces the roof of the horse’s mouth for correct positioning.

Size: 5″ (12.5cm)
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Enhance your riding experience with the WTP Dee Bit, trusted by riders and trainers alike for its reliability and performance.


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