Find out from our clients what they think of the WTP bits and the successes they’ve had in using them for various disciplines.

I can’t say enough about WTP bits!

Highly  recommended.

I have been using them for the last 2 seasons and have had much success with the wide selection available on all sorts of horses!!

Tegan Fitzsimon
Show jumper NZ


I have only tried the bit on one horse who has a low pallet, so we had a lot of head

tossing and thrashing about when we put any pressure at all on the bit. Now with the WTP we have none of that he’s like a completely different horse. Wouldn’t use any other bit ,hoping to get another one for our other horse .



The horse I was talking to you about who had the wind operation is Buck’s Flat . He is going fantastic in your bit. The other boy Escargot will be in work soon so I will need another bit, Please send me one when your able.

Thanks for all your help.


I used my bit on the weekend at a draft and i am very happy with it, the horse i was having problems with ran much smoother no chucking his head around.

Although the thing i was most surprised with is how light and soft he felt through his neck and shoulders he was able to move much more easily. I have tried it on other horses and i am seeing improvements in them as well. I will be using this bit over any snaffle any day.

Thank you

I bought this bit for my Barrel Racing mare that my husband is going team roping on. I put it on her for the first time at the team roping clinic we attended and i must say she worked very well in it and was also comfortable and very relaxed in it and accepted this bit very well. I have another young mare that i will be trying it on and if it suits her I will be ordering another one for sure.

Thanks again all up so far a great bit


Hi there its Catherine here I’m writing to you to let you Know how much I LOVE THE WTP TOUNGE PLATE BIT, my mare has had a problem with her tounge hanging out the side of her mouth for about 5 1/2 to 6yrs now, since my purchase of this bit i have been to two shows with two champion wins with no problem and she has worked the best she has in years.  We show at a high level in hacking and i also do pony dressage I’m that happy with the bit im willing to purchase another one to save changing it from bridle to bridle all the time.

Thanks Cath

Good news, worked along this morning, just the bit with no noseband. They ran

along 600m going 15sec, 14.2sec, and 12.5the last 200m. The best she has been so far. No cough or gasping and keen to go on.  She used to be a bad displacer as she has small epiglottis and she would cough and gurgle when she was pulling up.

Hoping she keeps on the improve.


Firstly I would like to thank you for your helpful, professional and prompt service. As I just picked the bit up today I have only tried it on one horse at this stage but I am very impressed with it and so was my trainer. My horses was much softer and more responsive with it, he seem to find it more comfortable in his mouth than any other bit I have ridden him in. After being around horses and pleasure riding for more than forty five years I have seen and tried a lot of so called wonder bits and gadgets and this has made me a little sceptical, however your bit is not only well made it actually works.

Cheers and thanks again,

Clare Barrynt

I have trained racehorses for years but as soon as I saw your bit I understood the concept and benefits. The horses find it very comfortable and the results speak for themselves 3 starters and 2 winners. This could be the biggest breakthrough in the horse industry that I have seen.

Cody Joiner

My harness horse used to pull and hang. He is going a lot better with the normal plate bit.


My daughter is only 11yrs old and her horse was not happy and would chew on the bit and would thrust its head down and try to pull the reigns out of her hands.

We tried the WTP bit and we are very happy. Your bit solved the problem on the first day it was amazing.

Can I please order another one.

Thanks heaps

The wtp bit is truly an incredible invention its design and function is a work of art it is a miracle bit without question. He walked calmly onto the track truly amazing as previously he would be looking to take off on me.

Also for the first time I was able to hold him to the very top of the track all the way around where beforehand he would be looking to run down on the turns. The bit made him so settled and I was able to rate him perfectly and he was happy to walk off the track as opposed to looking to still run.

Upon coming back to the rail I noticed his great recovery evident of lower relaxed heart rate. I’m so pleased to know that if my horse is locked up for a run he’s not going to choke down. I would have to say I would not care to use any other style of bit for driving/steering/rating and control of a horse..

I will be putting in an order to purchase more wtp bits for all of my team.

Kind regards

Fairweather Harness

The winning tongue plate bit was a success immediately with our young advanced level horse ….as part of a double bridle it succeeded in easing his tendency to want to open his mouth and retract his tongue …. It provides a consistent and pleasant contact with the bridle and should be ideal as a snaffle or part of a double bit …in consideration of horse welfare this bit should be in our opinion approved for dressage use …every dressage trainer should have one for training purposes…

Peter & Diane Jenkyn

So far i have only have tried the bits on a couple of problem horses as i haven`t had the bits long.

Horse number 1: problem was lugging on the bit then if you applied too much pressure or a more severe bit she would either grind her teeth or hang her tongue out to the right hand side of her mouth. I used the WTP normal plate 5” loose ring snaffle and within a couple of rides in this bit she has settled her mouth issues and now working along nicely.

Horse number 2; # yr old mare Just back from the breakers and would not take connection to the bit, then when pressure was applied to turn or stop or slow down she would either throw her head up and run through the contact or put her tongue over the bit and you would have no control. I used WTP extended plate for 2 weeks in which time her tongue settled and the connection improved enough to try her in the WTP normal plate, now she is working happily and improving daily without any tongue issues.

I am very impressed with what has happened with these 2 horses after trying multiple things, we are now onto a suitable combination of bits, which i would happily recommend.

Di Barnes

The WTP bit made a huge difference, Imagination ran 2nd. it stopped him from hanging and displacing the soft palate. We had tried various bits including a Norton Bit and he used to hang so bad we thought he was going to be barred. He has a damaged tongue and hated the tongue tie the bit has solved all his problems.

Thanks for a wonderful product my trainer would like to purchase another two DSEL bits and Ring bit with the extended plate and two Dee bits without the extended plate.

All the best
Dwayne Jordan

I’ve trained horses for 63 years and this is the best bit I’ve ever put on a horse. I like them very much and the horses do too! I’m changing to these bits after 63 years of training! It eliminates tying the tongue. They can’t get the tongue over the bit. A very very good bit. It really works. The normal plate design is a very good bit, especially for young horses, get them use to this and you won’t need the tongue tie. I’m very high on both of these bits. I use it on my two year olds and they handle them a lot better than other bits. It’s just easier on the horses mouth, a young horses mouth that’s just getting acquainted to the bit. The best bit I’ve used on young horses. I wish these bits were around when I was younger because it is Revolutionary.


Henry Moreno

I think they’re really great bits and we have won a lot of races with the tongue control bit on those with poor wind, or breathing issues!

Kind regards,

Jake Stephens

Lilly is going well in her new WTP bit and she can no longer get her tongue over the bit. She is happier to pick up contact and we can now continue to work on her career as a harness pony. Before we got this bit I was threatening to sack her as she could not be trusted. She is a great little pony who now has a bright future as a show and pleasure pony,

Thank you for a great bit,
Jane (this is Lilly’s first drive in her new cart today)

I recently purchased 5 WTP bits in May, and after the amazing results I have just purchased more. We tried it on our horse Wilkinson who had not won for 12 months. We took the tongue tie off and used the WTP ring bit extended plate, and he won easy. We also had another horse that would take of and was hard to control and was displacing. In his first race with the WTP bit, he settled and won by three lengths running a mile on the grass in 1.33, we were totally amazed.

Since using these bits we have now done away with the tongue tie. I highly recommend these bits, they are revolutionary.


Jeff Mullins
California Racehorse Trainer

I have been riding at World Cup class level and I am an EA coach. I have tried many bits over the years but I am happy to report your winning tongue plate bits are absolutely amazing. Since using them on my horses their transformation has been miraculous.

Their contact now is soft and responsive making control so easy. My horses are comfortable in your bits, there is no displacement of the tongue which has improved breathing. The benefits of the bits is brilliant, the horses don’t pull nor reject the bits they are completely comfortable physically and emotionally.

As a result they are performing better on the flat and jumping at a higher level because they are now going into a jump steady and with their head in the correct position to judge the jump. Other riders have commented on the amazing improvement of my horses and I have been highly recommending your bits to them and all my clients with confidence. I have replaced all my bits and I can now confidently say these are the only bits my horses will hold within their mouths. Based on my experience this new design and technology is the greatest breakthrough for the horse industry and the welfare of the horse.

Thank you for making such a difference.


Jenelle Waters

Good morning.

The bits are going so well I would like to order 6 x loose ring normal tongue plate.

They are brilliant and I am going to put all my horses in them ASAP..



Hi Bit bought for grand daughters pony who was pulling reins out of her hands with new bit much

improved thank you so much.

Jenny Rutledge

So far I have only tried it on my thoroughbred boy who seemed to be very sensitive in the mouth constant grinding of teeth, grabbing and chewing of the bit, split lips. The new bit has stopped all of that he is much softer in dressage and is Show jumping much better.

Very happy… Jess

I claimed the horse Mama Decides on December 6, 2012. Endoscopic exam showed that she displaced her pallet. I tried tying her tongue without much luck. She ran on January 6, 2013 with a tongue tie, beat two horses and was beaten twelve and a half lengths. She would not relax.

I ran her back on January 27, 2013 without a tongue tie but with a figure eight instead. She made no improvement and was beaten seventeen and a half lengths.

I then decided to give the WTP bit a try. She worked two times with the new bit and she showed improvement in her workouts. She ran on February 22, 2013 with the WTP bit and won by two lengths. This was the only change made. All races were for the same condition.

I strongly believe the WTP bit helped my filly improve greatly. I would highly recommend this bit to anyone with a horse that displaces.

John Dyer
John R. Dyer Racing Stable

We just started using the winning tongue plate bits and have noticed a lot of difference we have already won 2 races. One horse was displacing his soft pallet and normally wears a tongue tie. We took the tongue tie off and used the Ring bit extended plate and the horses’ breathing was great and didn’t roar at all.

Very impressed this is a major breakthrough for horses with breathing problems and we have purchased 5 more.

Juan Aleman
Los Alimitos
Racehorse Trainer

Loose ring snaffle with normal plate in 4.5in. and 5 in. The WTP bits I purchased has worked wonders with my mare with a busy open mouth. She now goes quietly with her mouth closed. I believe the French link snaffle I was using was bothering her soft pallet in her smallish mouth. I would like to purchase 2 more to try this bit on 2 of my other horses.


Judy Moore

I have used the Loose ring normal plate bit on a few of my horses, namely one that I was having problems with him dropping behind the contact in the higher tests.

I went out at the weekend and lead the dressage by 8 marks after using it, to win the open intermediate at Burnham Market. I have recently cut down to 6 horses but I ride full time at all levels. I am also competing in France next week.

Many thanks


“Love these WTP bits – the horses are much more supple. The bits apply less pressure on the outside of their cheeks which makes an immediate difference to the way the young horses accept being mouthed – great product. We break in and pre-train about 500 horses a year for clients such as Moody, Hawkes, Darley, Sadler & Kent and would certainly endorse the WTP bits to these stables.”

We are so impressed we purchased 25 of the WTP bits.


Julien Welsh

She has not bucked or reared since using your bit.

I had a fantastic dressage lesson the other day and she was very collected and had excellent paces. It definitely has been a confidence booster for me though because I had been thrown off a couple of times and needed to get my confidence back.


Keli Rowe

My son, Paul Rowe who is a trainer in Kalgoorlie , WA told me to try the bit on my horse, Smart Seduction, who took only several days to stop pulling, head tossing and no throat flap noises. This horse then effortlessly won a trial by 3 lengths in Esperance W.A.

Upon our success another trainer Ron Marras also in Esperancce used this bit on Red Movember who had problems which included lock jaw, and tongue over the bit and outside the mouth and pulling hard. Within one week of use he won his maiden race by 4 lengths. My son’s horse Cherry Bomb is yet to race but has shown unbelievable improvement in all the above problems.

We are looking forward to many successes,

Thank you

Kevan Rowe


We are on a high here!!! A miracle has happened…Thank you!!!!After 10 years of hanging his tongue out as seen in the photo below.

Since using the WTP normal plate bit he has not hung his tongue out and the instructor was also totally amazed saying he has improved 75% in his movement.


Kate Powell

The WTP bit has made a huge difference to my 4 year old Warmblood. Prior to using the bit, he was very unsteady in the head carriage with constant head tossing and shallow breathing. Two days after introducing him to the bit, this all stop completely and I found he was much more relaxed in himself while working.

A couple of friends have said they also have had the same problem with their horses, so I gave them my bit to trial and they also found amazing results in such a short period of time ( hence why I keep buying new bits, because they were so happy with it, I never got it back). One particular friend also had a problem with her horse bolting and she has since trying the bit, not looked back. Both a rider and a horse much happier .

I believe this bit has made a significant difference to my horses and the progression of our training in dressage. I also recommend this bit to any one that has a horse, not only is this bit great for any one that is having problems with their horses, I found it is very gentle in the horse’s mouth which makes it perfect for daily use on all aged horses.

Kimba Kleinhans

I was worried that I could not ride my horse anymore as he was difficult and would rear and buck. Since using the WTP bit he has not reared or buck and now is a pleasure to ride all I can say the transformation was incredible. I told friends of mine about your bit and they bought them and they also said the bits were incredible.

I would like to order two more and I will continually tell everyone about them…

I can’t Thank you enough for all your help and advice.


I have found the bits great, it stopped my horse putting his tongue over the bit and stopped him jibbing and he is now happy moving forward.

Cheers Kylie

I have had a very positive experience with the half-cheek normal plate bit. In question is one 2 year old trotting Standardbred filly that is so much better with this bit than with a regular, jointed snaffle bit. She started training about two months ago and she was not getting the really good mouth, but now she has improved a lot since using your bit for just a couple of days.

Talk soon,

Laza Simic

Veterinarian and President of the Breeders Committee
The Association of Serbian trotting sport

I bought the normal plate and it is the best bit I have ever used and I am telling everyone. Both my horses love it and stopped their head chucking they are so soft in the mouth with your bit.

Leonie Grice

I have now broken in and worked about 10 horses in your normal plate design bit. I like the fact that it can’t crush on the sides of their face, and also how it cannot collapse downwards. The bit with the extended tongue plate is something I would only use on a breaker who wouldn’t stop putting its tongue over the bit. I actually had a mare that was putting her tongue over the bit and I used your normal plate bit on her and she stopped.

I think they cannot get their tongue over it because the centre doesn’t go forward and create a vee allowing space like traditional nutcracker actions bits.

I have tried Myler bits with the barrel in the middle to stop the nutcracker action in the past, but found most breakers put their tongue over them, were dull and also unresponsive in them. I found your bit is kind but the horses still seem to respect it.


Adam Wrobel
Equine Breaking & Training

I would like another 2 x 5” normal plate and a 4” normal plate. One is for my father in law, who also likes how the horses are going in this bit.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Wrobel

Took a while to try bit but it’s brilliant.

No more tongue flapping in the breeze!!! Horse quite happy and comfortable!

Please pass my thanks



We have a lot of horses in work and I have had an opportunity to try your Tongue plate bit on many of them. The difference it has made is remarkable they can’t get their tongues over your bit and horses respond well to it they don’t pull so hard and they are more relaxed and work metres better, one horse has improved about 8 metres. We have tried it on horses that were making a wind noise due to them flipping their palate your bit fixed the problem I could not believe how well it worked. We usually test our horses heart rates and the real surprise was their heart rate is lower after they work in your bit this definitely convinced me it is helping their breathing and performance.

I have no hesitation in recommending your tongue plate bit it is a great invention and can make the difference between winning and losing races.

All the best,

Luke McCarthy

Sorry I have not got back to you. I am an Equestrian Coach Educator and my 3 yr old filly was hanging her tongue out the right side of her mouth with a snaffle bit.

I am very happy with the WTP bit it worked immediately and so I will continue to use it until I start competing. It was quite amazing it was an instant result so obviously I was amazed but horses they never stop amazing you both good and bad.

I also noted a lady in our club her horse doing this same thing today I will forward her the brochure as well. It is amazing how much I have noticed it since I have experienced this problem?

Thank You again,

Happy customer

Lyndy Webb
Equestrian Coach Educator

I recently purchased the western normal plate bit. I have to say I am impressed.

I have been training a young 4 yr old mare for Barrel Racing and she would fight every bit I have tried to use including chain, dog bone, and solid. She would shake her head, put her head down, try to get behind bits, get her tongue over bits. She would also cough in other bits and she didn’t even like the bit less hackamore. She worked good and seemed very comfortable and relaxed right off the bat with your bit, usually she gets really strong and heavy and would try to shoulder the barrels. I noticed she didn’t do that probably because your bit wasn’t causing her pain. I would have said she just had a bad attitude but she was really very cooperative in the WTP bit.

I tried the bit on both my mares and the other mare also worked good and they were very smooth and responsive. Most bits are either too much control or not enough but this seems just right.

Lynn Kuennen

I had a pony that hated the bit in her mouth until I fitted the WTP.I had tried mant bits over the years, WTP, what a change!!! Bit fight and head tossing ceased almost instantly and I can relax now when ever my granddaughter rides her pony.

This is the best bit I have ever used, I have been a stud master of thoroughbred studs, an endurance rider, horse breaker and trainer for the last 45 years and think I’m a fair judge of what’s good or bad and believe this is the best bit I have ever used.

Happy to recommend

Regards Mick Whitla

I just had a really good ride on my 1star horse with your new normal plate bit. He has had a pretty bad contact issue and he loved your bit.

I am trying your bits on all of my horses and will keep you updated.

The bits have been great.

I rode in them in the XC and SJ with Girl with a Curl in the 2 star. She was very soft in the mouth with your bit so that was great as she usually chucks her head and fights the bit.

I have a lot of young horses which I am starting in the bits and they seem really happy.


Natalie Blundell

I received the half cheek 4.5 inch and it fits well. My horse hated the Tongue tie and would chew them of and was making a breathing noise.

Since using your bit he is breathing a lot better and is not distressed after his work. Thank



I just purchased several Winning Tongue Plate bits and they have worked perfect! I put it on my filly She’s Dashin who hated previous bits and would get her tongue over and was hard to control. My rider has said it has made a huge difference she can’t get her tongue over and she is easy to ride now.



My horse would get very upset and very difficult to control when he mixed with other horses. He would also rear and break out in a sweat and two weeks ago he was completely out of control and fell on top of me. He had been wearing a Mylor comfort snaffle but I was advised to try your Loose ring normal plate bit. From the time we put your bit on he was a totally different horse he was like an angel it was like magic and everyone at the show that knew how bad he was before were amazed.

He won 5 ribbons on the day I was so happy with your bit I cried and cried as he had never won anything before. Please thank your representative Adrian as it was his in depth explanation that my horse could be reacting to bit pain that convinced me to try your bit. I now understand how much difference a bit can make.

We are now both very happy and I now feel safe riding him. I have told my instructor and all my friends and will be recommending your magic bit to all riders.

Thank you so very much


I’ve been training horses for 40 plus years .these bits are outstanding . I have been out spreading the word about these bits and how remarkable the horses respond to them.

Rick Sorrels

I have really been amazed. I was really skeptical that this bit would actually stop this horse from hanging his tongue out, but it has. I will forward the brochure to others.

I ride and train American Saddlebreds in Georgia (USA). He is a 12 yr. old gelding that was brought to me a few months ago and had an issue with his mouth. He would hang his tongue out the right side any time there was any pressure on the bit. Even when tying his tongue he managed to hang it out. He was also breathing very loud (almost roaring) when working and was very stressed. I was told it would be a miracle if this bit would help with tongue hanging out. I had tried a french link snaffle, small smooth snaffle, and a medium twisted snaffle. I was told that it had become a habit and that he will never stop.

Your bit is a miracle.



My 3yr old Warm blood had a bad habit of getting his Tongue over the bit and was making a heavy breathing noise. I tried the Loose ring normal plate and it fixed him the first ride it was totally amazing. He was so soft and responsive to your bit. My Coach noticed the difference and asked what I had done with the horse and I showed him your bit and gave him your details. I have also given your details to my neighbour.

Thank you again so so much, can’t believe the transformation!!!!!!!


We like the new bit very much and want to order some more. Can you please advise the

Ring Bit (without the tongue plate) and the Dee Bit (again without the plate).

Kind regards,

Geri Dwyer

Owner of Forest Hill Agistment and training centre

Breeding performance horses and racehorses.

I bought my first WTP bit last week, I have always been of the opinion that correct training combined with correct horse management practices will account for most things when training horses, I would like to add correct bitting to that.

I bought this bit for a warmblood dressage horse, he was broken in well, trained correctly, has a good temperament, and had competed relatively successfully in open competition. However he was always restless with his mouth and tongue, difficult to ride to an even contact, often sore in the neck and shoulders, at the end of the day I put him in the paddock, and into the too hard basket.

I saw the advert for the WTP bit and bought one. I have had 2 rides with the bit first thing I noticed was that his mouth for the first time was still and his tongue in the correct position. I put the bit on a client’s horse, a show jumper, who is difficult to steer, and check between fences, he also has body soreness issues, in his regular bit; I would describe him as perpetually angry, chomping on the bit, tongue pulled up, and hollow in his outline.

With the WTP bit for the first time he was still in his mouth, tongue in the appropriate place, taking a positive contact, we trialled him over some fences, and the horse was easier to turn and didn’t increase his speed between fences.

It is obvious to me that both these horses were in considerable discomfort with the more “traditional” bits.

Suzan Mcdermott
Ncas 1 dressage
EA E level dressage judge
Vice Chair Equestrian Tasmania

Last weekend my daughters horse( an 11 year old 15hh reg Ash gelding purchased 4 weeks ago) bucked in 7 out of 9 events at the local Gymkhana.

This week after 4 days of Pony Club Camp, I am pleased to say that with your bit in his mouth he only had one minor pig root. I am very impressed with the bit and have yet to try it on another hard mouthed horse of ours, which I will film a before and after when we do it.

Watching horses at the pony camp for the 4 days I think I saw at least another four horses/ponies that would have benefited from the use of one of your bits. I only wish I had had a second bit in the tack box to allow others to try.

Have since tried on the other hard mouthed horse.

This horse puts his head up in the air like a giraffe and with your bit we even had some early stages of collection.

Will keep you posted.


I received my bit and I just have to say I am absolutely in love my gelding never threw his head up once and has never been so easy to get soft and round now he doesn’t even fight he is going beautifully I just want to say a massive thank you now I can just ride instead of fighting with his mouth all the time!! One word amazing!!!!

I must say I didn’t have high hopes but as soon as I put it on he stopped fighting!! I feel as though it’s even made my riding better cause I’m not constantly on his mouth I can just leave him alone true genius!!!

Thanks again


Horses that were displacing now they are happy and not displacing. I had two winners on the same day 17/1 and 37/1 who had been displacing before using your bit Big big difference. I’ve been waiting for a bit like this forever, very comfortable and No tongue tie!

The bit is set and steady without anything pinching. They now enjoy running and run to their full ability. The horse balances with the mouth, so if a horse has something good in the mouth, it’s going to keep a good balance and a good balance with a horse is going to keep it running better. I am also using the normal plate bit on horses to prevent displacing and the horses and riders love it.

Thanks for a wonderful bit I have since purchased more.


Tony Soto
Racehorse Trainer

I am extremely happy with your bit.

The horses have settled no leaning on the bit and are working 100 % happier in your bit.

As a Farrier I have been recommending that my clients give your bit a try.

100% happy.

Kind regards

An update on the WTP Bit. Rode Navarr last night and what an amazing difference. For the first time I could put my stick down that I use to steer him and I had perfect control and steering. Normally if I don’t have it even just to hold and not use, instantly I have no control, cant steer, can’t stop, just nothing. Last night, I put it down to try and he was amazing. Im so thrilled and excited. He was up for sale as I could not control him, but now im seriously considering keeping him. Nav tested the boundaries of the bit yesterday, he was preparing for the famous shy/bolt at nothing because that is a tactic that has worked in the past, but with a touch of the reign he gave up the idea instantly and worked like a dream.

Trishavis Fedrick

I ride for leading trainer Jeff Mullins and noticed nervous horses are calmer and happier using these bits. Horses that were displacing are now winning at big odds this bit is Amazing and we don’t need to use a tongue tie anymore. One horse Wilkinson was displacing and had not won for 12 months we took the tongue tie of put the WTP bit on and he won easy. It’s just amazing how much it’s changed horses.

Tyler Baze

My friend Sis loves it, she had a couple of your bits. She suggested I try it on my mare and she really worked great in it. I’m excited to try it on my gelding as well, he has a tendency to lean a lot and finds anything with a port to be offensive. Thanks again for everything and can’t wait to get my bit!

Thank you


I recently purchased two WTP bits, both loose ring. There was a visible improvement and noticeable difference from previously using a normal snaffle. .

Went to a competition on the weekend and only used the WTP bit with the normal plate for dressage and showjumping, and was absolutely great! Clear rounds both days and ended up with a 2nd place. The horse was a lot happier.

So I definitely won’t be going back to the old snaffle bits.

Thanks for a great product.


Vanessa Follent

We are really pleased with your WTP bit, it has stopped our Galloway mare from hanging her tongue out the side. I didn’t think anything would stop her, but for the first time in six years of trying everything with her, with no success your WTP bit has fixed the problem straight away would recommend it to anyone. We used it first at a local show and then Canberra Royal and it worked like a charm. Thanks for all your help.


Wendy & Catherine