Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

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Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special encourages optimum hoof development and promotes hoof quality.

Key Features

  • Aids in combating brittle and damaged hooves, torn hooves and general poor hoof quality
  • Stimulates hoof growth
  • Contains vitamins A, D3, B2, B3, C plus Choline, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and chelated copper
Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special provides a concentrated, extremely comprehensive mix of all those nutrients beneficial to hoof development and quality.
In addition to biotin, it contains yeasts, sulphate compounds, amino acids, fatty acids and more.
To truly make a difference, this combination of ingredients is vital in treating problem hooves and getting them healthy again.

Recommended Use

Add 50g of Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special to your pony’s feed daily.

The daily dose for horses is 150g.
1 measuring cup = 100g.

Maximum: 420g per horse per day.

Once the hooves are looking healthy again, the daily dose can be halved to provide ongoing support of healthy hoof development.

Hoof wall growth starts at the coronary band.
As the hoof wall grows quite slowly, it can take several months for new growth to become visible and results to be easily discernible. We recommend continuing
the use of Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special for at least 3-6 months.

Administer with feed.

Cavalor supports the seeking of veterinary advice before use.

If used in performance or competition animals, the regulations of the relevant territorial authorities regarding use should be observed.

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before prolonged use.

Key Ingredients

Biotin is perhaps the best-known supplement for the treatment of hoof issues.
There are only a few studies examining the effects of biotin on horses, with inconclusive results.
In practice, however, the numbers of horses with visibly improved hooves after biotin supplementation cannot be denied.
Biotin is naturally present in grass among other things, and Cavalor feeds are also enriched with biotin to encourage healthy hoof growth.

In addition, some bacteria in the colon are capable of producing biotin.
Exactly how much biotin a horse requires is unknown, but problem hooves will definitely benefit from a higher dose.
Please note that at least 25-30 mg biotin per day is necessary to create a noticeable effect.
Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special contains a relatively high daily dose of biotin for this reason.

In addition to biotin, Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special also contains many other ingredients of proven effect on hoof quality and development.
 To guarantee the stability of Hoof Aid Special, the vitamins in this product are separated from the trace elements.
This keeps the trace elements and the vitamins from reacting with each other and ensures optimal effectiveness.
The green pellets contain vitamins and minerals such as MSM, B vitamins, Vitamin C and choline chloride, which affect a significant number of bodily functions.
The beige pellets contain, among other things, the trace elements copper and zinc in easily-absorbed forms.

Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special also contains the essential amino acids lysine and the sulphur-containing methionine to promote hoof flexibility.
 In addition to these ingredients to support hoof development and quality, it also contains inactived yeasts. These aid the digestion and ensure optimal absorption of the feed, contributing to the horses general condition and vitality.

Hoof Aid Special Product Sheet



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