Cavalor LaminAid PodoSens Combo

Cavalor LaminAid PodoSens Combo


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Cavalor® LaminAid 1L + PodoSens 500ml

The Cavalor® LaminAid PodoSens Combo is the perfect duo!

Cavalor® LaminAid is recommended for horses and ponies with sensitive hooves due to metabolic problems. It supports the sensitive intestinal flora and brings hormonal and metabolic processes back into balance while improving blood circulation and flow in the hoof.

Cavalor® LaminAid is a unique, balanced combination of several essential oils including Eucalyptus globulus, Allium sativum and Betula alba. When incorporated into a blend, they complement each other and have a synergistic benefit.

Cavalor® PodoSens a hoof oil that helps to provide external relief for sensitive hooves and contributes to their faster recovery. It contains some of the essential oils that are also present in LaminAid, including Betula alba and Eucalyptus globulus.
Applying the oil twice a day to the hoof and/or the sole of the hoof helps by increasing circulation and bringing quick relief to sensitive hooves. Betula alba may also promote the elasticity of the hoof and promotes hoof growth.

The Cavalor® LaminAid PodoSens Combo is the best solution to combat laminitis.

Recommended Use

Cavalor® LaminAid Dose per animal per day:

Day 1: 2 x 50ml
From Day 2: 2 x 25ml per day.
For proactive or prolonged use (30 days or longer): 2 x 10ml/day

For optimal results, use in combination with Cavalor® PodoSens.

Apply Cavalor® PodoSens twice daily to the coronet and/or the sole.
Use until symptoms disappear.

Tip: Sensitive hooves due to metabolic disorders require a holistic approach in their treatment.
Warning: For external use only.


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